Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On its way!

It's a super rhym-y phrase - but the dossier is on its way!

Our agency did a remarkably quick turnaround and the paperwork is headed to Bulgaria, hopefully to arrive by Thursday.  We're hoping for about a week for translation, and then our paperwork must be presented to the MOJ.  I hope we can have dates to travel (or at least a verbal referral) by the end of this month.  Can it be??

It is exciting when there is progress.  It keeps our hearts set on our goal, which of course is Our Son In Bulgaria!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers.  We continue to thank you for blessing us.  We also want to reiterate the offer of putting on Avon Online Fundraisers for any family who is adopting, splitting the profits 80% with you, keeping 20% for ourselves and our fees associated with Avon.  It is 100% online and it costs nothing to try.

In keeping with that, if you know of an adopting family who is doing a Pampered Chef fundraiser, or something else with good kitchen supplies, could you tell me?  When we need things for ourselves, we do try to find it through adopting families so we can support them, and I'm in need of a few new kitchen utensils (like a spatula). 

If you know a family who is putting on a Pampered Chef fundraiser, or if you would like to participate in an Avon fundraiser, please leave a comment, or visit our avon website at  Right now, the Skin So Soft Deet-free Bug Guard is half off! 

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