Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Mommy (waiting child)

My name is Christian and I am almost six years old.  I live with many other children in a faraway place.  Even though I am a generally happy child, I don't know what it is like to have a Mommy or Daddy or sisters or brothers.  I don't know what it is like to have a bed that is all my own, or toys that have my name on them.  I share my shoes and clothes with my friends here in the orphanage, and I've never had a dresser full of clothing that is all mine.

I am almost six years old and I have lived here a long time.  Even though I can run and walk and climb, I do it in a different way, and so the doctors say I have cerebral palsy.  I don't really understand what cerebral palsy means, except that I guess it means that I can't have a Mommy.  I also have some trouble speaking, and I guess that also means I can't have a Mommy or Daddy of my own.

I have tried to be a good boy my whole life.  My friends and caregivers say that I am a boy who likes to give hugs.  I am a big boy, too. I can drink from a cup all by myself and I know how to feed myself too!  I can do puzzles pretty well and I even turn around when others say my name.  Showing affection and turning to my name being called are really good things, but because I can't talk right now, I guess it isn't good enough to have a Mommy come to where I live and bring me to a new place where I could see great doctors and therapists.

The words that people use when they talk about me can be scary, and I can't really tell you what my future would be.  For some people, not knowing is too scary and so they have to say "no" to being my Mommy.  Other people like to pretend that I don't exist, and so they turn their face away because it is too sad or too scary.  And still other people might like me well enough, but they say that because I am a big boy and almost six years old, I am too old to have a Mommy.  I sure don't think I am too old to have a Mommy though!  There are a lot of things that I could do with a Mommy or Daddy.  I know I am a big boy - but am I really too grown up to have a Mommy and Daddy all my own?

My face isn't up on the more popular websites, so fewer people see my face.  But I really think I have a cute face, don't you?

Thank you for reading this letter, and for helping me find my Mommy.


Dear Christian,

You are a little love who is indeed worthy of having a Mommy and Daddy just for you.  I know some of what is said about you sounds scary to some parents.  I know cerebral palsy and other issues (such as possible autism or speech delays) are really big words and some parents might know that this is not something they could handle.  But you are a special, valued, child of God.  You can walk and run and point to the things you want.  And you are still young enough to benefit so much from the love of parents.  Almost six years old is definitely NOT too old to have a Mommy and Daddy!

Right now, I am working to adopt another precious little one from a terrible place - not where you live exactly, but close by.  We are so excited to meet him.  I'm so sorry that I cannot be your Mommy right now, but I promise that I will help you find a Mommy.  I will pray that your Mommy sees your picture and knows right away that you are her little special boy.

Joshua's Mommy.

Please, if you can, share Christian's story.  He isn't seen on many websites, but he's still valuable and precious.

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