Thursday, May 3, 2012


We left our vacation two days early and drove all the way home, because our agency informed us that WE HAVE RECEIVED I 800 A APPROVAL!


We really have!

Did I want to leave our vacation two days ahead of schedule?


But we have a dossier to prepare!

For those counting along, our "registered" date was April 9th, and we have received approval on May 2nd.  That's not even a month!  I completed my biometrics (fingerprints) on FRIDAY!

Praise God for speedy approval.

We need a few more documents notarized and apostilled.  We were honestly not prepared for such swift approval!  But now, at home, we're readying the small pile of documents remaining and are trying to meet the notary tomorrow to have the documents notarized.  I hope to have the documents brought to Harrisburg on Friday for apostilling - then off to our agency, and then off to Bulgaria.  Soon WE will be off to Bulgaria, to meet the little boy we plan to bring into this country and into our lives forever.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.  Please continue to pray for our family.  As things progress very quickly, our funds are not where we need them to be.  Tickets for use with frequent flyer miles seem scarce now, and we may need to pay for our trip in total.  This rapidly depletes our resources.  God, of course, knows all of this and He has something in mind that will make it possible for us to complete our adoption.  God knows that the Bad Place is very bad and our little dude must leave as soon as possible.

Thank you for everyone who has taken the time to purchase Avon from us.  These purchases have added up to almost $200 for our adoption. There are so many inexpensive things offered there, and this will be an ongoing fundraiser for us.  So if you are not prepared now, please think about it when you are.  And if you don't prefer Avon, could you share our link and information with someone who might be?

We are still offering t-shirts, but that will be ending shortly. So please check them out if you haven't!  We received ours today and they are adorable! I want to post a picture of Chelsea in her shirt!

Donations to Reece's Rainbow are always appreciated for our family.  The more tax-deductible donations we receive, the more likely it is that we will be able to make the required payments from those funds and keep our remaining funds for travel expenses.

Take a moment to pray for our future son and our family.  Please share our story, because sharing our story brings awareness to The Bad Place, and to others who can pray for us and support us.

WE ARE APPROVED!  Thank you Lord - we are approved!

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