Monday, March 5, 2012

we are listed...sort of.

We are so pleased to say that we were accepted into the Reece's Rainbow family, which will bring awareness to the plight of children without Down Syndrome who live in Bad Places - including THE Bad Place - and of course, it will help us to fundraise, which is certainly something we could use. 

Right now "Ian" as he is known (which is our Little Dude) is listed there under "My Family Found Me", but our information is not contained there yet.  It should be; I hope by Friday.  We are sending the paperwork and the necessary fees to Reece's Rainbow to get our process started.  We are waiting on our social worker to send a document to Reece's Rainbow, which we hope will happen quickly.

We also learned some excellent news; we are expecting a video of the Little Dude, hopefully by Friday.  Our facilitator in Bulgaria is supposed to visit The Bad Place in order to film him for us. I cannot wait to see this video and "see" him in person!

Today we also learned a good bit of news about the Little Dude's vision, which is not altogether positive.  His vision is very poor, and without intervention, he could go blind in one of his eyes, if he has not gone blind already.  Occlusion of the eyes (eye patches) were advised to help with this, but we know certainly that The Bad Place will not do this on a proper schedule.  Without a proper schedule, it is a useless procedure.  Our adoption doctor has told us that there is possible surgery for him that could have some benefit up to age four, but that most doctors in the US treat this condition by age ONE.  He is already over the age of two, and probably will be three when he comes home.  Oh, how we hope that the Little Dude's vision can be preserved while we work to get him home!

I am working with someone to redesign this blog so it looks pretty, so expect to see some changes shortly.  We'll have a Reece's Rainbow button and some more pictures to add (mostly of us!). We are also going to participate in a Bulgarian Adoptive Families Reunion in June, and I spent some of tonight filling out MORE PAPERWORK.  I'm grateful my college classes are over for the next two weeks, so I have extra time to take care of these mammouth tasks. 

Thank you for your prayers.  Please share our blog with others!!


  1. Jennifer, can't wait to meet you at the reunion! We're staying in 9 & 10. It will be so much fun, I'm sure. If you want to write me about some of the eye issues and ask questions, I may be able to put your mind at ease a little. I have 4 in the family w/ strabismus, 1 w/ ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia), and 1 w/ possible SOD(septic optic dysplasia). Mine w/ these conditions came home at ages 3, 4, and 9. Can't wait to follow along and hear more about Little Dude. Don't you ever wonder when adoption paperwork will end? Have a wonderful week.


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