Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Holy Cow

Jon again...

So, I was looking at our Reece's Rainbow page this morning and I saw we got our first donation!  Then, I got home after work, checked it out again, and saw we had gotten at least one additional donation, maybe more.

Needless to say I'm grateful to see the support already pouring in from friends and from those who simply have a heart for children overseas stuck in a horrid environment, and our mission to at least make a difference in one of their lives.

I didn't realize the outpouring of support we'd have so early in this process...we've met so many wonderful people....I'm amazed what a small world it actually is.  I had a blogger leave me a note the other night that lives 15 minutes away from us.  I met another lady the other day whose brother-in-law was the lead singer in my favorite band growing up.  Turns out they adopted a child from overseas as well.

To think that this is just the beginning.  I'm excited to think what is in store for us...ok and maybe a little scared at times, but I'm only human :) 

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