Saturday, March 10, 2012

a video (with a link)

We feel so blessed and fortunate to have several videos of The Little Dude to review.  They are being sent to our doctor and also being carefully saved by us so we can share them with him when he is older. 

I want to share this one with you (it's a link) so you can really see just what we're up against.

In the first 30 seconds of this video, you will get a quick glimpse of the Little Dude's BALD SPOT.  It's quite noticable, and hard to accept.  He has this because of the number of hours he spends on his back, in a crib, without anyone.

Even though he is almost 28 months old, he is not walking independently.  Can you imagine?  We are parents to a child with autism and developmental delays, and we remember when we rejoiced when she walked at 18 months old.  Eighteen months.  More than likely, your children walked before that (unless there was a reason why).  This boy is ten months older than Chelsea was (and she walked late!) and still not able to walk or be steady.

Of course, my daughter didn't have a bald spot on the back of her head, and had been receiving physical therapy since she was ten months old. 

The room he's's empty.  There are about 250 children in The Bad Place, and they are in an empty room (and weren't permitted to see anything else).  The reason?  They don't use this room; this room with a fun looking ball pit. 


But this is the reality of institutional life.  This is the truth of children - even children who are not terribly sick.  When I feel my spirit ready to rise up - when I think I am about to burst with anger or frustration - I must remember to keep myself focused, for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God (James 1:20).

Please watch this video, share our blog with others, pray for the Little Dude.  Consider supporting us through Reece's Rainbow, or better yet - enter the Mulligan Stew giveaway!  Prayerfully consider one of the families to support as you enter (The Little Dude's picture is there!) and most of all, pray for all of us as we try so very hard to bring this little boy to a family who will help him walk, grow, and be the child God intended.

Look at him! He is too special to languish in this Bad Place.

(video link)

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  1. Poor thing. Just know that not all the Bulgarian orphanages are like the one your future son is in. The one my soon to be daughter is at is a good one. They take good care of the children there and ensure that they get plenty to eat. My daughter is a lucky one, she has been well loved and taken care of by her caretakers, doctors, psychologist, social worker and director. I hope that you will find that your son's orphanage has improved by the time you go over to visit him.

  2. I feel so bad for him there! But I know once he's home with you he will improve so much.


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