Sunday, July 1, 2012

Still more prizes!

Good Sunday to you all!  As I write this, we are OVER two-thirds of the way toward reaching our goal for the $1,000 matching Brittany's Hope grant.  Can you believe the providence of God?  We are also just over 10% of the way toward our anonymous matching grant of $2500 through our Reece's Rainbow account and just under 10% of the way toward our goal of being completely and fully funded for our adoption. 

Through the grace and provision of others, I am happy to announce TWO MORE prizes to The Great Thirty Day Giveaway, which means it keeps growing!  Did you know you can get a free entry just by donating something? 

Here are today's newest prizes, lovingly donated:

Yes, ANOTHER $25 Visa Gift Card!  This brings the total to TWO Visa gift cards up for grabs.


A Starbucks gift card worth $120!!!  Can you imagine how much coffee, sandwiches, and delicious desserts you could buy with that?

Naturally, you would not want to bother with the Starbucks card if you win one of the most terrific prizes...

I'm a huge fan of our Keurig.  We received ours as a gift - and you will too if you win.  Then it's all the coffee, hot chocolate and tea you can drink.  It's a fun little device (it also entertains children too - Chelsea thinks it's amazing fun to watch it brew)

Of course, my personal favorite prize in all of the giveaway is this:

A SodaStream Genesis!

It's okay; you can make fun of me for thinking this prize is super fun...but I DO!  I hope the winner chooses it so I can hear all about it!

It's hard to keep track of how much this giveaway has grown!  Aside from the mentioned prizes, there are beautiful baby booties (hand made!), a toddler skirt (made by a friend of mine who can sew.  Trust me, you would not want a skirt made my me), a $50 AMAZON gift card, an ITunes Gift Card, and much more.  The grand prize of a choice between a Nintendo 3DS or an Ipod Touch is a nice option for kids and adults alike.  You can go through the previous entries and see all of the original prizes and all of the prizes added. 

Tomorrow there should be at least one more great addition.  But you can't win it if you're not in it. 

Let's have fun!  Help us be fully funded and get some great prizes in the process.  That's what makes giveaways fun.  Maybe you were going to donate anyway, but why not donate for a chance to get something pretty terrific?

Thanks for sharing and donating and praying.  We leave in TWENTY DAYS!

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