Sunday, July 8, 2012

The winners!!

It took us a bit longer than we expected to draw the winners, but we have done it!  Were you one of the lucky ones??  No matter what, we all share in the blessing!

Please leave a comment here if you are a winner.  (Comments are MODERATED, so you will not 'see' your comment when it posts but I am reading it!)  I will leave this blog post up for at least 3 days so winners can contact me.  I will arrange for shipment (please know that some items are being shipped from people other than myself, so there may be some delays). 

If you don't contact me in three days, we'll re-draw names of the winners and post those results.  All results were tabulated using RANDOM.ORG.

Prize #1 - Jeweled Hair Clips:

The winning number belongs to:  Allison Younger!

Prize #2 - $120 Starbucks Gift Card:

The winning number belongs to:  Little Chloella!

Prize #3 - 3 Piece Lemon Sugar Avon Set

The winning number belongs to:  Charisso13!

Prize #4 - $25 VISA Gift Card

The winning number belongs to:  Christina Schye!

Prize #5 - $25 VISA gift card

The winning number belongs to:  Sue H!

Prize #6 - Handmade Toddler Skirt

The winning number belongs to:  Christine Nichols!

Prize #7 - Handmade Baby Slippers
The winning number belongs to:  Kim (from Mulligan Stew)

Prize # 8 - $15 ITunes Gift Card

The winning number belongs to:  Mandy (from blogger - you have been messaged!)

Prize #9 - $50 Amazon Gift Card

The winning number belongs to:  Alice Kosanovich!

Then we have two "grand prizes" that require the winner to make a choice.

Grand prize number one is a choice between a Soda Stream Genesis and a Keurig B40 Platinum.  I am only going to put the photo of the prize *I* like the best! :)  But the winner is free to choose the one they like, either the Keurig or...

The winning number belongs to:  Amy Boroughs!!  (Amy! Choose the Soda Stream!  COME ON!! *wink*)

The second grand prize is another choice; this one between an Ipod Touch or a Nintendo 3DS.

The winning number belongs to:  Stacey Kellies, who may choose EITHER of these great prizes!!!! (I'm voting for the Ipod Touch, Stacey!)

Congratulations to everyone who was randomly lucky!  Remember, please leave me a note with a way to contact you to discuss shipping and so forth.  If we aren't able to "match up" winners with their prizes, we will re-draw the remaining gifts and post them in a separate entry.  


  1. I won the jeweled hair clips :)

  2. Hi it's Mulligan Stew Kim:) Here's my info:

    Kim Johnson
    3404 Lawrence St. SE
    Salem OR 97302

    My first win ever! Wahoooo! :)

  3. Hi Jennifer - We won the skirt! :-)

    Praising God for the way he brought so many together to help bring your Ian home. Prayers continue for Ian's health and your trip.

    Christine Nichols

  4. Hello. My address is 15 East Nelson Street, Heanor, Derbyshire, DE75 7FD, England. Thank you, Stephanie AKA little_chloella :-)

  5. I am so excited, not just about my prize, but about your success in funding as well. God bless you and your family!

  6. Jennifer,

    I've contributed to your family a couple of times so I was thrilled to win the $25 Visa card. Here is my address, please don't publish it on-line!

    Sue Hollister
    N144 W16267 Pioneer Road
    Jackson, WI 53037

    I can't wait to see photos from your trip. I'm so proud of you!

    Sue H.


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