Thursday, July 5, 2012

it's a race!

The Great Thirty Day Giveaway has entered a race, of sorts.

First, the additional funds we've been praying for will be MATCHED by our anonymous donor!  This is an answer to prayer and this means that our goal is $1772, for a total of $6330 in our Reece's Rainbow account.  This will mean we are FULLY FUNDED.

How is this a race?

The donor who is helping us has offered us a bit of a challenge.  Our family can raise the money in next few weeks, as we agreed.

But if we raise the funds by JULY 13th - $200 will go to ANOTHER FAMILY.  No match - just some additional funds!

That's not a race though.

What makes it a race is...FOR EVERY DAY BEFORE JULY 13th that we reach our goal, this family will get $50 additional dollars.

That means, if I reach my goal by July 12th, it will be $250.
July 11th, $300.
July 10th, $350.

And so on.

It's a race to the finish; to finish our giveaway sooner and to help another family.

You can help two families by entering.  You can double your impact with matching funds.

There are great prizes to be offered.

Can we reach our goal by July 13th to help two families?  Help us!  Share, and pray and donate if you can! 

We leave in SIXTEEN DAYS to meet our future son!

Donate here:

Read about the giveaway here:  To enter, please comment on THAT entry so your donation can be properly counted.

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