Monday, July 2, 2012

Another addition and update

As I write today's entry, we are $100 away from our matching Brittany's Hope grant!  We are also over 10% of the way toward our matching $2500 grant in Reece's Rainbow and under $3,000 away from being fully funded there.  Is that amazing, or what?

Soon, I will do an entry to put together all of the prizes that we have in this ever-growing giveaway.  Please know that, whenever you enter, you will be entered to receive all of the things we've accumulated!

Today's addition is close to my heart, as it is a personal favorite of mine:

This is my very favorite set of Mark (by Avon) body care products in LEMON SUGAR.  They smell SUPER amazing and sit in my medicine cabinet - I love them!

What I don't love about them is that they are fairly expensive (all things considered).  Most people do not want to spend $12 for a body mist or $10 for a body better - even if it IS great stuff. 

However, I always encourage everyone I know to SPLURGE on this if you are in the mood to do so. 

In this case, you can offer a donation and be entered to WIN this set.  It includes the three-in-one cleanser (which I have never tried), the Get Misty body spray (which I love) and the Whipped Up Body Butter, which I love even MORE.  Not only do they work terrific, but they are in one of my favorite scents!  The 3-piece set is $30; if you went to my website right now, that's what it would cost:

And if you think I get super discounts on this - I don't!  And it never seems to go on sale!  I was able to get the body butter at one point, then paid for the body mist.  It's the smell of the products that makes me thrilled; light and fresh and summery. 

Still, this three piece set goes into the kitty, along with everything else we've accumulated so far, in our effort to get our matching grants and finish this adoption!

We travel in NINETEEN DAYS!

You can share this giveaway with someone to be entered without doing anything.  You can also donate an item and that will give you an entry. 

Finally, I'm more than willing to end the giveaway early if we discover we have met our goals!  So please share...and maybe we can award these prizes early.

Please read back to previous entries for everything that's been included in this Great Thirty Day Giveaway...and if you're interested in entering, please leave a comment HERE .

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and donations and shares.  Thank you for caring about our future son and our family!

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