Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prizes added!

It's been a blessing and a whirlwind.  As I write this, we are OVER 10% to our goal in our Reece's Rainbow account for the matching grant.  We are also about ONE THIRD of the way to our goal of our matching Brittany's Hope grant. 

How blessed we feel!  How awesome that is! 

We have two new prizes to add.  Both are terrific handmade items that will be sent to the 2 winners!

Tiny picture - I apologize - but they are tiny shoes!  Handmade by a pastor's wife specifically for those adopting.  It makes these little baby shoes even more special.

A very crafty friend of mine also offered this:

She's a better Mom than me, because she can sew.  These are toddler skirts.  One will be sent to the winner.  You can see they have an elastic waist.  The fabric may be different than what you see here.  If you're the winner, I'll put you in touch.  I'm a personal fan of the blue and green one myself.  In fact, can I please enter my own giveaway?  I want a chance at just about everything I see here!

Especially the SODA STREAM, which yes, probably makes me a big old dork, but I'll accept that.  Jon isn't interested in buying one (convinced we will not save money) but I'm just fascinated with the thing. 

Every detail, including how to enter, how to receive free entries, and pictures of the prizes are here.  Keep your eyes on the blog because I will add prizes as I receive them, so the giveaway will just grow.  And if you have something to offer, let me know!  You'll be entered for free if you do!

We are $2,250 away from our matching grant opportunity in Reece's Rainbow.  We are $3,050 away from our ultimate goal in Reece's Rainbow.  And we are $725 away from our matching grant with Brittany's Hope!

AND WE TRAVEL...IN TWENTY DAYS (and a handful of hours).

Share or donate a prize for a free entry.  Donate for more opportunities.  And THANK YOU!

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