Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free shipping code

I know many of you who read know we sell Avon to help fund our adoption.  Until June 5th, you can receive FREE SHIPPING with any order you place on our site.  A small order, a large order, whatever you'd like!

It can also be used in conjunction with all other promotions - such as 50% off Skin So Soft Bug Guard, or Derek Jeter's "DRIVEN" Father's Day fragrances. 

This means you can support our adoption and not pay for shipping on orders of any size to ship to your house!  Win win :)

The code to use at checkout is:  FSMAY5, and this code is valid until June 5th at midnight (eastern). 

You can shop simply by clicking on the "I'm the Avon Lady!" pink button, or by going directly to my website:

This code is shareable with whoever you know and we really appreciate the new sales.  Every dime of profit goes into our adoption fund.  With our first trip coming soon (hopefully dates next week!) we could really use the support. 

If you haven't taken a look at Avon lately, you need to see the fun baby items (from Tiny Tillia), the bath and body products (that I enjoy personally) and even some Tupperware-like storage and serving products.  There's even some fashion, and you can also use the free shipping code to buy out of the outlet store.

We know there may be few interested, but we would appreciate it if you could share this link with people you know who might be interested in Avon, adoption, or both.

Remember:  The code FSMAY5 is only good until June 5th!

Thanks for praying for us, for sharing our story and our blog, and for caring about our future son and the Bad Place he lives in.

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