Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Matching Day!

Today is the day we learned that our future son should indeed be ours!  The Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria approved our preliminary request to adopt "Ian" (our son's name according to the agency...we do not yet know what we will call him and are unable to share his 'birth' name) and now his file has been set aside by those officials...waiting for US!

It is an exciting moment for us, and one that allows us to share his referral picture with you.  I wish we could share more right now, but we cannot.  Suffice to say, this little boy's life will be forever changed because of the choices we've made, and we're so grateful to God for bringing this opportunity into our lives. 

Here is "Ian"!

We do not know when this picture was taken, but we do know this:  He's an adorable, special, and valued child of God who deserves a home and, barring any calamities, a home with OUR FAMILY.

Psalm 100 says (in part):
Know that the LORD is God. It is He who made us, and we are His.  We are His people, the sheep of His pasture...For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.
God made "Ian" and "Ian" belongs to Him, as we do.  We will raise him up to know his rightful place, not as an orphan, but as a child of God...and our son. We rejoice, even as we lament the time this all takes, and it is so very long!  Last night was the first night I forced my husband to think - really think - about "Ian".  Not about paperwork, or whether or not my birth certificate will come when I want it to, or any of that.  We just talked about this child and what he must be like, what his days are like, what his preferences are.  Will he like Elmo?  Will he prefer red or blue or green?  We must never forget that "Ian" is a person and not a stack of paperwork.  He is the little boy that will be our son.

Although I want to race to him this minute, we must continue to wait.  But today, my soul rests in gratitude that he will not be shown to other families...he will be ours.


  1. Exciting!! So happy that now he finally has a family longing to hug him.

  2. Congratulations Jennifer & family!

    Praying that our good God, the Father of the fatherless, works miracles to bring Ian home very soon and that while he is waiting that God grant him favor in the orphanage, that he feel deeply loved and safe. And that when he comes home he will know from the depths of his little being that he his really home.

    warmly, Leonore
    (also waiting for our son somewhere in a Bulgaria orphanage)

  3. I'm so glad you got the answer you were so anxiously awaiting and that your little boy is now waiting for his forever home with you and your husband and little girl! It will come in good time! I have tears of joy for you!


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