Saturday, November 24, 2012


It's after midnight (eastern time) and so it is officially today.

Today is the day that the beginning of the end of our adoption process begins. 

(That sounds like a tongue-twister, doesn't it?)

We have made our fundraising goal!  We do not need to worry about funds, which is providential because we've had some last minute expeditures.  But they are covered.  In fact we were so blessed, we were able to help others and we thank God that we could do that. 

A week from now, we will be returning with our son on a plane and the next segment of our lives will begin as a family of four.  It is surreal that just under ten months ago, we started this journey.  Only a photograph, and a thought that had been in our minds for years.

We have seen tremendous generosity, selfless prayer, and immense care for our family and process.  Our family has been transformed through this journey of adoption.  We have also seen a dark side to adoption; a world with bickering, criticism, agency preference, and unkind words.  Still, this has changed our family in ways we never expected. 

Thanksgiving was our son's birthday.  He turned 3 years old in Bulgaria and while we prayed to have him home with us, we will see him in just days.  He will be with us for Christmas!

The whirlwind of last minute preparations are daunting, but we are trying to focus on what is most important and prepare ourselves for a journey unlike any other.  This is the moment!  This is the moment when our family grows and we bring the little boy we have prayed for into our home!

Without your support and prayers, this would not be happening.  Please continue to follow our blog as we document the final journey to our son in Bulgaria, and the never ending journey of loving him.


  1. Yay! Now that's something to be thankful for! Good luck in the home stretch -- can't wait to "meet" the little sweetie!

  2. Congratulations!! I've been following your story and can't wait to see your son come home. Are you planning to continue the blog?

  3. SO eager to hear a bit of news and see a photo or two, Jennifer! How are you all? I'm praying!

  4. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you home and together!!


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