Friday, November 16, 2012

Sixty seven

Sixty seven is:

The number of counties in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Florida.

The number (preceded by a "star") to block Caller ID when making a call.

The registry of the USS John F Kennedy (CV-67).

The 19th prime number.

The atomic number of holmium.

A cafe in Rego Park, NY.

A road in California.

It's also the amount we need to meet our generous matching grant.

A group known as the "Finishers" have offered it to us to try and close the gap we still have in our fundraising.  The grant is for $200, but we are $67 away from that goal. 

So many families are struggling to "finish"; to get across the finish line.  Many of these families leave in days or weeks, like we do.  (We leave in eight days).  Every single one of them is adopting precious children; every need is so great.

Chris Tomlin writes a tremendous son that tells us that God is greater.  Is this where you are now?  Are you struggling to finish?  Are you tired from it all?

Out of the ashes, we rise.  There is no one like the God who calls so many on this transfomative journey. 

If you are struggling to finish, we are here to say that we are too and we understand.  Eight days from now we board a plane, and two days later, we pluck another precious gem from the jaws of The Bad Place...and a new life begins.

We are scrambling.  If you can help, please do.  If you can pray, please pray. 

Please pray for everyone who is tired; who is struggling to finish.

Please pray for our little boy; that his heart will be ready for receive his new Mommy and Daddy.

Thank you for helping us change that number - $67 - to zero!

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  1. I just wanted to say God bless you and your family. My God Daughter was at the same orphanage. She was brought home to her forever family two years ago almost to the day. She is a perfect, happy, healthy three year old now. She run and jumps and loves life and everyone to the fullest. That little girl is my heart. I'm deeply horrified of the conditions these children have started their life in. I thank God for families like yours and mine that can make a difference in their lives.


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