Thursday, April 5, 2012

I-800 A...waaaaay!

Goodbye home study phase.  It was nice knowing you. You were annoying, but doable.  You are over now. Thank you, bye now.

Hello USCIS phase.  Hello I-800 A.

Rather, Good BYE, I-800 A! 

It is on its way (actually will be in the mail in just an hour or so) to the USCIS.  Our home study barely stayed in our hands for an hour before it was in an envelope again, ready to race to Texas.  A cursory once-over, and it was done.

Reviewed (and re-reviewed!) the documentation and paperwork for the forms, then wrote a very big check. It is not the largest check I've ever written, not by a long shot.  The largest check (single check) we ever wrote was for IVF (invitro fertilization).  It was $20,000.  I can still remember my husband writing that check, standing at a desk in a clinic.  It was monumental. 

Where did the money for the I 800 A come from?

A good chunk (more) of our savings.  Who says those who adopt are just a bunch of beggars?  Hmm....

The wait for USCIS approval will begin on Monday.  I am hopeful and praying that we will receive our approval in less than 45 days.  Our Little Dude needs a visit from us, and we desire to visit him so badly too.

The Bad Place continues to be Bad and the darkness that overshadows the children there remains.  There are so many good people working to reduce the darkness that exists in that place; with medical fundraisers and nonprofit organizations who have a heart for the little ones there.  I am grateful for this, but I know the best solution is for these children to reside in permanent, loving homes.  Even the Bulgarian government, as they continue to review the conditions there, have stated that they are not able to properly care for the number of orphans there and that it would be best for the children there to find permanent homes.

Someone asked me once how I would feel if our special Little Dude was no longer available for adoption because biological family stepped forward to care for him. 

After the work we've done, naturally we would be disappointed for a time.  But more importantly, we would rejoice that this little one would have a family to care for him. We would pray that he was well cared for and treasured and be grateful that he would not lose his biological ties or some of his heritage.  Those are the sadnesses of adoption; when children cannot be raised by their kin and leave their birth country.  There are miracles in adoption, to be absolutely sure.  Those miracles outweigh the sadness, but it is foolish to suggest that there is no loss in adoption. There is.  We will do all we can to preserve our little boy's history and heritage, because that is important.

Meanwhile, we rejoice in the spirit of the Resurrection that we have taken another huge step and entered a new phase of our adoption process.  Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day of Jesus' suffering on the cross.  Redemption with sacrifice, right? 

Please think of our little Dude today.  Please pray for him.  Please pray for protection for him. He continues to deteriorate in that horrid place.  He continues to need permanency and therapy.  Thank you for your prayers, for your thoughts, and for caring about our family and the story of our Little Dude in Bulgaria.


  1. I am so thrilled that you are now in USCIS I800a stage. Hopefully we'll be right there with you soon. I'll keep praying for all the children in Pleven but I know that God has them all in his hands watching over them until their mommys and daddys can come to get them. Will also pray for the 147 million children that need parents to love on them, to know that pure love of a family.


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