Friday, April 27, 2012

Avon! For me AND for you!

You may notice the new "Avon Lady" button on our blog.  That's for me!  To help fund our adoption, I have started selling Avon products.  Every single purchase made there goes into our Bulgarian Adoption fund to help offset our adoption expenses.  Avon is very affordable and you can have it delivered right to your door.  No visits - you don't have to live locally to shop!  Simply click on the button or go to to shop and have your purchase credited to us.  Shipping is FREE with any $30 purchase.

But this is for you, too.  Are you adopting?  Do you need a fundraiser?

With an Avon online event or "e-party", I can set up a way for your guests (using my link and a special code to enter at checkout) to shop for Avon items and you'll get most of the rewards.  For every sale that is made to your fundraiser, I give 80% of the profits to you.  (20% of the profits go to offset the costs associated with Avon.)  Anything above that will go into our adoption fund to help rescue our precious son from The Bad Place. 

However, to make sure that every family who participates in a fundraiser benefits, I will guarantee you at least $10 toward your adoption, even if not a single person shops your fundraiser.  Yes, that is a donation on our part, but we want to support those who are adopting, even as we are supported.  We are not Bystanders.  We believe in blessing others, and believing that God will ultimately provide for all.  So many people I read about in blogs are looking for ways to earn money.  And every dollar counts!  If you're one of those people that needs every dollar, we want to help.

If you are interested in scheduling an event, all you need to do is click on the link on the right and use the "contact me" feature on the page.  That will send me an email where we can plan your event.  Then, all you need to do is promote it! 

If you don't need a fundraiser, would you consider purchasing something lovely from our site?  Every purchase brings us closer to our future son; to rescue him out of The Bad Place. 

And if you cannot purchase and do not need a fundraiser, would you please share this with someone who may need any of these things?

Thank you for sharing, for praying, for caring.  Please continue to share our blog with others, share our links.  Feel free to link to this entry in your own blog if you wish. 

(psst! I may get fingerprinted tomorrow as a walk in for our I 800 A application!  Someone I just heard about who went in early got their approval back a week later! Let's see what God has in store!)

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