Monday, April 28, 2014

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As we embark on our new adoption journey, and our Pleven miracle receives an older sister (hopefully soon) we pray that many of you who have joyfully followed our journey to our son in Bulgaria will also follow us as we bring home an 11 year old daughter.  It is an exciting and hope-filled time for our family.

Our amazing son continues to amaze us.  He will have an MRI in a few weeks to rule out any neurological basis for his delays.  He has a complicated neurological history but there is much we still do not know.  He must be sedated for this procedure; will you pray that it goes smoothly?  We have arranged to have some follow up blood work done while he is sedated since it will be simpler to do then.  He still struggles to understand many things, so we hope we can communicate to him what will happen and that it will be okay!

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Joshua recognizes his new sister's picture and we hope her transition to us is as smooth as it can be; for her, for our daughter, for Joshua, and for all of us.

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